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    It is never too late to revise your life. It is never too late to be what you might have been!

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Are You Where You Would Like To Be In Your Life?

Do you want more from your career and you are not sure where to start? Do you want to reach your full potential? Do you have a goal that you tried several times to achieve in the past without much luck?

It is never too late to revise your life. It is never too late to be what you might have been!

I will work with you to achieve your career vision, reach your full potential, and be there for you through the ups and downs of your career. I am here for you to live your professional life according to your plan. Your success is my priority.

Why Work with me?

Personalized coaching

I tailor my coaching to your needs. No two professionals are identical; none!


No testimonials will be posted without your permission.


My coaching style is action-oriented. We work together to achieve your specific objectives.

My Specialty

My Background

Education & Certification

  • Certified Life Coach - ICF & CCA
  • MD. Cornell University
  • MBA. Cornell University
  • PhD. University of Toronto

I am ICF-certified life coach. I had dedicated mentors and coaches in my professional life who guided me through my career. I would like to be the same for professionals who aspire to reach their full potential and become the best they could be. My clients are professionals with advanced degrees who appreciate independence in decision-making and who seek coaching to gain confidence, resilience and reach their envisioned career.

My passion for coaching started when I was in high school reading personal development and psychology books, a passion that continued throughout my life. An innate curiosity led me to a long research career, where I pursued my doctoral work in Genetics under the direct supervision of a Nobel prize candidate. During my research years, I had observed bright minds struggling with - and lost to - behavioral health challenges. Losing one of my research advisors to depression was a life-changing event. Combined with my longitudinal interest in psychology, I became curious about the mind-brain-body connection and decided to switch careers to become a psychiatrist.

During my medical training years at Cornell University in New York City, I did psychiatry internships at Yale-New Haven Hospital and McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School. These experiences refined my active learning skills. I learned evidence-based coping and resilience skills.

It was during my medical training that I realized my need for formal training in leadership and management to be able to lead healthcare teams. This led to another unexpected turn in my career where I pursued MBA at Cornell University with a focus on leadership and management. I was not surprised that human behavior was at the core of almost every consulting or management course. In the end, all our human endeavors are meant to fulfill our desires to become the best we could.

F.A. Scientist. Two-month coaching.

"Getting stuck working during the COVID-19 crisis was difficult; my motivation to work was at an all time low. Working with Dr. Soliman has been a great support during this difficult time. He helped me get back on track with my work and into a regular routine with consistnt productivity. He has also helped me rethink and make progress toward smaller goals I'd been putting off for years. His regular feedback has been cruicial for getting me over the typical sticking points I've had in the past and pushing forward. I'm deeply greatful for all his coaching!"

F.N. Engineer. Two-month coaching 2019.

"Dr. Soliman goes above and beyond because he cares about his clients. I have worked with several coaches and mentors before but working with Mohamed is truly a unique and very positive experience. He is welcoming, accepting, and very kind. He listened carefully to everything I said and worked with me to help me find solutions to each obstacle that stands in the way of my goal. I have not worked before with any coach or mentor who asked as astute questions as he does try to get at the core of the issues I ecountered. This made it clear to me that he truly listaned and tried to understand my perspective. Over several sessions, he worked with me on finding strategies to address my time management skills. He patiently listened, asked and dissected exactly where, hpw, and why I encountered issues in my workflow."

Dr. H.J. Physician. Month-block of coaching spanning 10 years. 2008-2018.

"I have had tremendous success in my career and social growth due in large part from the personalized coaching provided by Mohamed over many years. His main strength is deep insight and wisdom, which I am sure is the result of his living in several different countries and experiencing a wide range of professional training across multiple disciplines. It is this wisdom that I feel has been single-handedly important in helping me find creative solutions to so many of my life challenges. He brought a unique perspective to any of my perceived 'failures'. He combines this wisdom with a very practical but highly positive attitude throughout. I highly recommended Dr. Soliman to craft that practical but highly positive attitude throughout. I highly reccomend Dr. Soliman to craft that perfect career!"

W. E. Data Scientist. 12-month coaching. 2013.

"Working with Mohamed is an inspiration. I had the privilege of having him as my life coach for over a year. Prior to working with Mohamed, I was underperforming lulled by the uncertainty of life. After a year of persistent coaching, I learn self-development and guided introspection. I emerged as a top achiever with a graduate school offer in one hand a motivating sense of purpose in the other. I could not have done it alone, not without Dr, Soliman's guidance. Trust me, I tried. Mohamed's strengths are several. Two stood out ofr me during our sessions: his selflesness, and his ability to connect. He has an uncanny ability to empathize with anyone as he himself has had to face life challenges that the rest of us may never experience. I count myself fortunate for bwing coached by Dr. Soliman. Because of his coaching, I managed to forge myself a successful professional path in a world-class technology company."

K.W.S. Organizational Leadership Coach. Two-month coaching. 2020.

"Thank you so much for being such a great coach! Working with you over the last month helped me identify specific goals to work towards, milestones to achieve and ways to overcome challenges. I've gained goal clarity and enhanced my drive to achieve my goals. You've also been a great accountability partner by following up with me to ensure I am holding myself accountable to the commitments I've made. I appreciate you for creating a non-judgmental environment and for encouraging me to challenge myself to be the best version of me. Thanks for everything!"

Coaching Options

One-to-one Coaching

Who is it for? Professionals with specific goals who are looking for a neutral third party to navigate their options and take actions.

What should I expect? After we discuss your desired goal(s) for the session(s), We work together to decide which course of action will be best and what obstacles could stand in your way. We end each session with an action-oriented plans where you commit to a set goals to achieve until we meet next session.

Group Coaching

Who is it for? A group of professionals who have similar work or life goals and are looking for an affordable, highly effective self-management and self-development strategies.

What should I expect? In a 2-hour virtual meetings, the group does leadership exercises and translate them into real-world approaches.

Group sizes vary from 5-15 participants. This setting is powerful for early-career managers participating in a leadership development program.

What Is Different About Coaching?

Does Coaching Work?

80% of people who receive coaching reported enhanced self-confidence, and 70% reported improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. 86% of companies reported that they redeemed their investment on coaching (ICF 2009).

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